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Brand Story

Since ancient times, the deliciousness of sea bass has always been praised by people.


Sea bass is not only white and tender, fragrant, and has no fishy smell.

And there are few fish bones, only one main bone,

After the bones are removed, there is no need to spit out the bones when eating fish.

Suitable for steaming, braised or stewed soup.



It has high nutritional value and is rich in protein,

Vitamin A, B vitamins

As well as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other nutrients,

It has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing the spleen and stomach, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, etc.

It has a good tonic effect on people with liver and kidney deficiency.


All along, pay attention to color and flavor

【Kung Fu Bass】

It is widely spread in Guangdong area.


This big dish needs to be divided and processed, not only pay attention to knife work,

And the divided sea bass only need to be marinated and then steamed.

The amount and order of seasonings are also very particular.

Hence the name "Kung Fu".


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Egami traffic

But love the beauty of perch

Delicious pre-made dishes


Jack Brothers' latest North American "Kung Fu Bass",

Not only does the segmentation process in advance,

It is also marinated with seasonings such as salt and onion.

Simple and convenient operation,

No additional material is required for home operation.



When cooking, simply wash the thawed sea bass,

Put onion and ginger and steam for 10 minutes.

Drizzle with steamed fish sauce,

Finally, use 200-degree hot oil to stimulate the aroma and start eating.



Love fish but too lazy to handle raw fish?

Is it difficult to control the taste of steamed fish seasoning?

The Jack Brothers help you prefab in advance!



The perch with a good blade is beautiful and delicious.

Delicious, no thorns,

The taste is tender and the meat is watercress-like.

Good luck!