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Brand story

About Jack Brothers Brand

Jack Brothers is the first overseas supplier of quick-frozen Chinese food and is committed to standardizing the global supply of Chinese food.

JACK is the founder of the brand, starting from the crayfish processing trade to the global market, footprints in the core food production areas and factories in 26 countries on five continents, with 20 years of rich experience in import and export trade, is a senior frozen food expert.

KING is the representative name of the operation team. They are a group of experienced food experts, purchasing managers, and customer service elites. They have been running around the factory and the market all the year round, accurately grasping the customer's table needs, and strictly controlling the quality and taste, which are the core of the Jack brothers. Brand Equity.

The Jack Brothers brand focuses on the value mining and exploration of "authentic Chinese taste", and is committed to providing more convenient, more authentic and cheaper Chinese cuisine to the world to meet the needs of fast life and high-quality tongue. A lifetime is very short. The Jack brothers and colleagues are willing to devote this life to the "authentic Chinese taste" food business.

"Authentic Chinese taste" is a masterpiece of Chinese food culture. It includes traditional Sichuan, Xianglu, Guangdong and other local cuisines, as well as common people’s homemade craftsmanship. The source of ingredients is directly sourced, the traditional taste is followed, and the memory of the cuisine is inherited. It covers prepared foods, frozen fresh food, and snacks. There are five series of lo-mei, staple food kitchen, and hot pot cuisine, with nearly a hundred special Chinese cuisines.

"Authentic Chinese taste" is the value concept advocated by the Jack Brothers brand. It is committed to introducing leading food processing technology and extensive market network, giving Chinese cuisine more convenient, more delicious, and more affordable product value, realizing standardized supply, and benefiting everyone in the world corner.