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Brand Story

JACK is the founder of Galaxy International and a recognized expert in the frozen food industry.From the beginning of the operation of crayfish in 2002, to the full-category seafood trade, it has traveled to 26 core source countries of the world, insisting on controlling the source and quality of food, and its existing customers have covered the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico, etc., and Continue to explore the European and Australian markets.

Out of his love for food, JACK opened a crayfish restaurant in California in 2016. By reaching out to more diners, he found that cooking simple, convenient and delicious pre-made Chinese food has great opportunities in Asian restaurants and families. In addition to seafood trade, Galaxy International has established a new business with "authentic Chinese taste" as its core concept, so as to continuously explore traditional Chinese cuisine, and has successively launched crayfish, fish head and fish fillet, dumplings, noodles, hot pot, barbecue, etc. Hundreds of special "pre-made Chinese meals" have been liked and recommended by tens of thousands of customers, and have been promoted in wider clan businessmen and communities.

"Jack Brothers" is the core brand of Galaxy International, insisting on exploring and advocating the core demand of "authentic Chinese flavor", and has won wide reputation and brand influence among Asian groups, and has become the leading brand of convenient and authentic Chinese cuisine in North America .