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Brand Story

At Jack Brothers, we are committed to providing convenient, free, healthy and delicious Chinese pre-made dishes for the public, providing dining convenience for urban groups, reducing the work intensity of chefs, and providing the public with a more convenient, healthy and pleasant lifestyle.

Out of love for food, JACK opened a crayfish restaurant in California in 2016. Through research on suppliers and customer needs, he found that after washing, cutting, matching, seasoning and processing in the central kitchen, and storing in frozen or vacuum packaging, only Prepared dishes that are easy to cook or eat right out of the box offer great opportunities in restaurants and at home.In China, innovative pre-made dishes have achieved a trillion-dollar industry scale, greatly driving the growth of the restaurant and takeaway industry.

Therefore, JACK founded the Jack Brothers brand, focusing on pre-made dishes and supply chain, and cooperated with distributors to cooperate in distribution to complete the US supply of pre-made dishes. In Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York, spicy crayfish, chopped pepper fish head, squirrel Snapper, brown sugar glutinous rice cake, shrimp slippery lotus root clip, salmon fried dumplings and other special prefabricated dishes have made major breakthroughs in Chinese supermarkets, Chinese restaurants, and e-commerce platforms. Driven by core cities, from Seattle to San Francisco, from Philadelphia to Boston, The Jack Brothers brand's pre-made dishes have been a huge success, winning widespread praise and recommendation from the public.And this is just the beginning!