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Return Policy

Food products cannot be stored at room temperature for a long time. If the received product has been damaged or deteriorated (this product is an obvious feature that the bag has been expanded), please immediately 联系我们 。After confirming the product condition, we will refund or re-mail the order for you。

Is there something missing from the item received?
The goods you did not receive may be damaged or other conditions that made it impossible to send the package when the package was actually prepared for you. An "out-of-stock notification" email will be sent on the day the package is sent out, and a refund of the related goods will be processed at the same time.Refunds will usually be 5-7 Returned to the original payment account in about business days .   If you have not received it within the time limit, please contact customer service in time.
If you do not receive any "Out of Stock Notification" emails, then your order may have been missed due to the negligence of the staff.Please contact customer service in time to apply for a refund or replacement.

What should I do if there is something in the package that is damaged?
It may be that the item you ordered was damaged due to bumps and squeezes in transit.Please contact customer service in time to apply for a refund or replacement.

What should I do if I receive an item that is about to expire or has expired?
We have arranged for special personnel to conduct regular inspections and irregular random inspections of all inventory products. Products that are close to the expiration date or have expired will be removed from the shelves. Due to the negligence of the staff, the product is sent out, and I am very sorry.Please contact customer service in time to apply for a refund or replacement.

already placed an order,   Can I also add new items?
Confirmed orders cannot be added / delete / Modify product content.You need to cancel the delivery order and place a new order.

Can I exchange an out-of-stock item for another item? (when reissue)
The reissued order will directly generate a new order based on the products of the original order. If any products are out of stock, the system will directly process the refund of the out-of-stock products and cannot replace them with other products.

Can a refund be returned to a non-paying account?
We are sorry that the system automatically refunds the original payment method, and we cannot provide a refund service for the actual amount to any account other than your payment account at the time.