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YANGZHOU FRIED RICE Yangzhou fried rice 300G/Box

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Jack & King's

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Originating from Yangzhou's classic flavor food, selected northeast long grains of rice, fusion of eggs, mushrooms, carrots and other ingredients fried, the finished grain is clear, grain loose, soft and hard degree, bright colors, diverse ingredients, fresh and smooth, delicious. This product is super convenient to cook, just open the lid and put it in the microwave oven, or pour it into a frying pan to heat it up.


 A description of the mailing   method The JK series uses eco-friendly, high-performance insulation cartons for fast-frozen mail, enough to keep customers safe and secure. Customers are requested to cook the product as it is received or store it in the refrigerator freezer area (0 degrees Fahrenheit). If the product received has been damaged or damaged (this product is clearly characterized by a bag), please contact us immediately and we will re-issue your order or process the refund after confirmation.

Description of the mailing service area   Currently, the express mail service supports the U.S. mainland, not Hawaii and Alaska.

Mailing time and order shipping instructions   Ship 1-2 business days after receipt of the order, Monday to Wednesday, and be extended on public holidays. To ensure the quality of delivery, customers are strongly advised to order at the weekend, the United States within 1-3 days of delivery.


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