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MEIZHOU DONGPO Sausage (Savory) 220g

220 g

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Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant must order! Your best companionship late at night

Meizhou Dongpo sausage is a Sichuan sausage, is one of the best-selling dishes of Dongpo restaurant in Meizhou, after continuous improvement, the formation of their own unique product characteristics. The production process uses low temperature air-dried fermentation process, the production workshop can automatically control the temperature, humidity and indoor circulation wind speed, clean and hygienic, so that the natural fermentation process is stable and uniform, to ensure the taste and taste of sausages. Unique sausage seasonings will also add to the taste of sausages, through the use of spices and seasonings, covering the bad flavor of sausages, improve the taste, so that the taste of sausages more prominent and perfect. Meizhou Dongpo sausage selection is sophisticated, advanced technology, unique formula, safe and convenient, for the treasures of Chinese sausages.

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