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Jack & King's Spicy Whole Cooked Crawfish

908 g


A classic favorite with a spicy Asian twist! These premium crawfish are raised in selected fields and cooked with more than ten ingredients, including pepper and chili. Contents include premium cooked crawfish frozen in liquid for better flavor and seasoning packet. After thawing, remove cover, and microwave on high for 8 minutes or pour the contents directly into the pan and stir-fry over medium-high heat for 5 minutes.   This dish based on authentic Chinese cuisine is flavorful and spicy and the premium crawfish have a bright red color with tender meat. If you like traditional crawfish, you’ll love this spicy flavor!  QS certified and FDA approved 

聚会小吃的明星菜品,“网红美食”。 本品精选稻田养殖小龙虾,辅以辣椒、花椒、大蒜、八角等十余种配料烹制而成。 包装内容物含熟制小龙虾、调味料包。 此菜色泽鲜亮,虾香浓郁,外壳酥脆,虾肉细嫩,香辣爽口。

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