Light shadow fish fillet (black fish fillet) 250g Frozen Sliced Snakehead fish fillet


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This product for the breeding of black fish, fresh processing, finishing, hand-thin cut fish fillets, frozen lock fresh. Before eating normal temperature freeze, steaming, frying, hot pot can be, cooking convenience, fish delicate, soft and fresh entrance, nutrition delicious not fishy, meat thick less thorns.


Product Details

Product Name: Sliced Snakehead Fish Fillet

Ingredients: Snakehead Fish, Water, Starch, etc.

Weight: 250g

Origin: China

Storage Condition: Keep Frozen below -18℃

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months


This product is cultivated snakehead fish, finely trimmed, thinly sliced by hand, frozen and fresh. Before eating, it can be defrosted at room temperature, steamed, stir-fried, and can be used in hot pot. It is easy to cook, the fish is delicate, soft and tender, nutritious and delicious. And the fish meat is thick and less thorny.