JACK & KING'S Crawfish tail spicy 300g


The star dish of the party snack is called "Net Red Gourmet". This product selected rice field cultured crayfish, supplemented by chili peppers, garlic, ginger, peppers, octagonal and other more than 10 kinds of ingredients carefully prepared. The contents of the package contain cooked crayfish and seasoning bags. This dish is bright, rich in shrimp, crispy shell, delicate shrimp, spicy and refreshing. This product has passed the Chinese QS and the United States FDA food testing.

Product Details

Brand: Taste of China

Product Name: Spicy crawfish Tail

Ingredients: Crayfish, Salt, Chili, etc.

Weight: 250g

Origin: China

Storage Condition: Keep Frozen below -18℃

Quality Guarantee Period: 18 Months

SKU:XL 011230


The raw material of this product is crayfish cultivated in rice fields. After freshly processin shrimp tails, it was prefabricated by chef formula. Crayfish tails are packaged in aviation aluminum foil, quick-frozen, which is convenient to keep fresh.


After thawing, pour it into a pot, or place it in a microwave oven and heat it on high heat for 5 minutes before serving. The shell is thin but meat is thick.