JACK & KING'S Spicy Cooked Crayfish 908g


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Jack brothers crayfish series has spicy, oily, thirteen incense and garlic and other flavors, through the chef's secret recipe, the world's exclusive to provide you with the most authentic home delicious. At the same time and convenient and convenient in one, only about 7 minutes can be eaten. Crayfish 1.1lb/box, about 15 to 20, full of meat Q-bombs.

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brand Mekong is drunk Brand dependencies China
Net content 900g/box taste Spicy

The star dish of the party snack, "Net Red Gourmet". This product selected rice field cultured crayfish, supplemented by chili peppers, peppers, garlic, octagonal and other more than 10 kinds of ingredients cooked. The contents of the package contain cooked crayfish and seasoning bags. This dish is bright, shrimp rich, crisp shell, shrimp meat delicate, spicy and refreshing.

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