JACK & KING'S Cooked Clam

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The original flavour clams are ecologically cultivated large clams. The meat is full and plump, and has been cleaned many times to remove sand. After defrosting, stir-fry briefly with green onions. Clams are rich in high-quality protein and minerals, and they are extremely delicious.

This product has passed China's QS and US FDA food testing.

Product packaging size and weight: net weight 454g

Product Details

Brand: Taste of China

Product Name: Frozen Boiled Clam

Ingredients: Clam, Water, etc.

Weight: 454g

Origin: China

Storage Condition: Keep Frozen below -18℃

Quality Guarantee Period: 18 Months



This package contains large clams that are firm, plump and rich in protein and minerals. The clams are cleaned several times before boiling and are delicious.

To prepare, first thaw, then stir fry with scallions or add to your favorite recipe.