Authentic Chinese Squid with Fresh Pepper 250g

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Traditional seafood cooked food, authentic Sichuan spicy, long aftertaste.

The content of this product is a whole squid wrapped in fresh pepper sauce. The secret sauce is seasoned, the taste is not spicy, the squid meat is tough, crispy and chewy.

Microwave or pour into a pot and heat for 5 minutes before serving. It is very suitable to be eaten with beer and rice.

This product has passed China QS and US FDA quality inspections.

Product Details

Brand: Taste of China

Product Name: Spicy Squid

Ingredients: Squid, Water, Vegetable Oil, etc.

Weight: 250g

Origin: China

Storage Condition: Keep Frozen below -18℃

Quality Guarantee Period: 18 Months



Spicy squid with authentic and traditional Sichuan flavor. This dish contains a whole squid soaked in spicy sauce and seasoned with traditional spices. The meat is thick, crispy and delicious.

After thawing, put into microwave or directly into a pot and heat on high for 5 minutes.

It is the perfect companion for a bowl of rice and a beverage.