Authentic Chinese Flavour Fish Head Noodles (Including Ingredients Pack) 805g


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Product Details

Brand: Taste of China

Product Name: Sliver Crap Fish Head With Pickled Pepper And Noddles

Ingredients: Silver Carp Head, Alkaline Noodles, etc.

Weight: 805g

Origin: China

Storage Condition: Keep Frozen below -18℃

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months



An authentic dish from the Hunan cuisine. The fish head is divided into two halves and frozen with an ultra-low temperature quick freezing technique. The package contains a fish head, alkali noodles, chopped pepper packet, and sauce.

TTo prepare, thaw the fish head, rinse, and place it on a plate. Spread the ingredients evenly on the fish head and steam for 20 minutes. Add the noodles to boiling water and cook for 3~5 minutes. Add the noodles to the fish and enjoy!

The finished product is fragrant, the fish is white and tender, the noodles are smooth. It is delicious and attractive, spicy and refreshing.