MEIZHOU DONGPO Sausage (Spicy) 220g


Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant must order food! Your best late-night companionship

MEIZHOU DONGPO Sausage Spicy 220g

How to eat

1. Thaw. 2. Clean, cut open the packaging bag, take out the sausage, and rinse with clean water;
3. For steaming, put the cleaned sausage in a steamer/steamer and steam for 30 minutes. The salty sausages are placed on the upper layer, and the spicy sausages are placed on the lower layer to prevent the oil juice of the spicy sausages from dripping onto the salty sausages and affecting the taste;
4. Store the steamed sausages in a steamer to keep warm for later use. To keep the sausage hot, if it is allowed to cool, use a steamer to continue heating for 10 minutes. Do not use the microwave to heat, otherwise the sausage will taste dry;
5. Slice with an oblique knife. Cut the two sausages into 0.2cm thick slices, 70 grams of salty and umami, 70 grams of spicy and spicy, and just put it on a plate.